Why Us

Talent Resource is a well known Indian based company, which has some of the bestIndian chartered accountants, corporate financial advisors and tax consultants in the business on its payroll. Therefore we at Talent resource are able to provide a broad, range of services in accounting and other financial aspects to our clients both in India and abroad. We have an impressive track record in giving information and the correct guidance to our clients on matters ranging from, best business practices to company formation in India, online accounting, corporate finance matters and the most complicated matters which concern foreign investment in India. As we branch out into payroll processing services, we offer you no less than our best in terms of manpower, software and efficiency. As in every other aspect of our business, we have reason to believe that you will have no room for complaints. When you outsource your payroll processing to Talent resource, it is like having book keepers and payroll experts on your own personal staff. By outsourcing your payroll processing to us, you get the best of services at the most basic of costs. At Talent resource we look into your individual needs for payroll processing and create customised solutions for them. Our experienced and professional Payroll experts are available to you, to help with the smallest detail, whenever the need arises. At Talent resource, you can be rest assured that :

• Team is headed by group of Chartered Accountants which means all the statutory laws are taken care.

 • All the statutory updates on changes in tax laws and other statutory rules governing the company are immediately intimated to clients. This helps company in avoiding levy of interest & penalty at a later stage.

 • Form – 16 are issued to employees, digitally signed by the Authorized official of the company. This helps the employer in saving time on signing Form – 16. Similarly it helps employee in filing their tax returns online. Most of the online portals providing online filing of tax returns can integrate digitally signed Form – 16 with their tax portal.

 • Turnaround time is very fast depending upon level of query. This has been proved by continuous patronage of various multinational clients served by us having multiple locations.

• Employees are given an option to submit investment declarations online to HR persons which saves time of employee as well as HR Persons in giving & collecting investment declaration proofs.

 • All the pay slips, tax calculations are available online which means employee as well as HR Persons can view the required details 24 X 7 at their convenience.

• Expatriate taxation: Since Indian economy is booming, lot of companies have hired expatriates on their rolls. We have the expertise in giving advise on companies in the matter of taxation of expatriates, drafting their employment agreements, FRRO registration, PF rules on expatriates and other allied laws.

• Out team has expertise in providing consultancy on Superannuation and Gratuity. All the tax litigation related to TDS deductions by the employer are handled by us and form part of the scope of work.

• All operations pertaining to your payroll processing will be handled by experts, professionally qualified and trained.

 • Our services are the best available besides being quite affordable.

• Our financial expertise which has helped serve a range of companies in India and abroad is now at your service to help with payroll processing.

• Your company information will be treated with utmost confidentiality.